Kansas City in Spring 

I don’t know how you could live in Missouri and not love Kansas City. I’m happy to not live there, but I love to visit. 

KOA Oak Grove (East KC)

This past weekend we stayed at the East KC / Oak Grove KOA and it was the perfect location for getting in and out of the city while avoiding all urban driving with the camper in tow. 

The campground has full hookups year round. Most campgrounds in our state, and all of the state parks don’t yet have their water on just yet. We might make this KOA a family tradition to early de-winterize when the weather looks as favorable as it does right now for the rest of spring. 
This campground is right on I-70, so there is inevitable highway noise. However, the sound machine app on the phone was enough for the noise to not bother us. 

The campground is the typical highway KOA with not a ton of green space between sites, but overly friendly staff, a decent camp store, playground, dog park, and even a pool in warmer weather. 

We aren’t the types to spend a lot of time at the campground, so highway proximity was nice with our main goals of the trip being to spend time in the city and the surrounding state park sites. 


We’ve been to KC so many times, that we can each get in our heads a dozen or so things we would love to see in the city. But this time we had to cut our trip shot due to Josh’s work so we each had time for one fun excursion between our state park cruising. 

Art Museum

Ben’s pick was to see the Egypt exhibit at the art museum. He recently finished studying ancient Egypt in school, and has such a strong interest in Egyptian culture right now. The absolute best part was the real mummy on display. 

We went through the exhibit at least six times, and I was so impressed with the symbols and hieroglyphs Ben could identify. 

We visited a few other sections of the museum for me, then headed onto our next destination. 

Jack StacksBarbecue on the Plaza

Josh’s favorite barbecue in town, and also a very kid friendly place to eat on the Plaza. I couldn’t believe we could walk right in and get a table at 6:00 on a Friday night. Such good luck on St Patrick’s day! 


My pick was to visit the REI on the Kansas side in Overland Park. This was a little more of a drive than I planned, and we made it there with only a half an hour before closing. In a frantic rush through the store with tires and grouchy children, I still managed to snag an REI t-shirt and Josh managed to find some hiking pants that zip off into the most Dad Shorts, shorts you could imagine. 

Next time

With more time, my actual choice would have been the KC zoo. But we spent the bulk of our time visiting the state park sites in the region, which I will share about in the next post. 


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