Morris State Park near Campbell, MO


Down toward the bootheel of Missouri is Campbell, Missouri – the peach capital of
Missouri. Not much farther down the road is Morris State Park. This state park is a 160 acres of land preserved due to a ridge formed during the last ice age featuring unusual plants and soils found nowhere else in Missouri.

IMG_0148This tiny state park does not have any campgrounds, playgrounds, or other amenities other than a vault toilet and a 2.5 hiking trail. We hiked the Crowley’s Ridge trail and included video footage of this forest trail. It follows along the top of the ridge and comes out in a peach orchard, where you walk on the border of private property to a country road and back to the trail head.

We probably wouldn’t hike this trail again, but it was a great start to our bootheel state park circuit. During this same day, we made it over to the Hunter-Dawson House State Historical Site, Big Oak Tree State Park, and Towosahgy State Historical Site and we will post follow-up videos about those places soon.



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