88 Missouri State Parks

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Missouri State Park system, they hosted a statewide passport program where families could receive a stamp at each of the state parks. Those who complete the passport book by visiting all 88 will receive a Bass Pro backpack and are entered into a drawing to win a Missouri State Park vacation.

Although we weren’t in great need of a new backpack, we found the challenge intriguing when we came across the passport book while camping at Echo Bluff State Park last October. We figured we might get a handful of stamps as we tend to hike and travel in state parks across the southern part of our state.

After receiving our first few stamps, we were hooked. We put up a Missouri State Park map on cork board in the kitchen and began pinning the places we had visited, and planning weekends around visiting the far reaches of our state.

This quest took us to places we definitely would have not visited otherwise. We had a fantastic time at most, with a passable time at others. I have blogged about some of these State Parks in the past, but hope to renew my blogging enthusiasm by researching and telling more about our experiences at each of Missouri’s 88 State Parks.


2 thoughts on “88 Missouri State Parks”

  1. Our family did the passport challenge as well. We had so much fun and met so many nice people. We learned a lot, too. The kids enjoyed Meramec and Sam A Baker the best, probably because of the float trips. I found the mills very interesting. Watkins Woolen Mill might be my personal favorite. I think Crowder and Wallace had the nicest campgrounds.

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