About Us

cropped-garrett-family-5608.jpgWe are a family of four from Springfield, Missouri that loves to hike, camp, and play board games and hope to use this site to write about all three. Josh is an attorney and owner of The Garrett Law Firm in Branson, Missouri. Lara is an Information Integration Specialist for Springfield Public Schools. We spent our childhoods in the state parks and natural areas of the region and are still in awe of the Ozark’s beauty. We love to travel and have visited and/or hiked in many of the 50 states, and several other countries. However, nothing matches the changing seasons and picturesque forests, streams, and lakes of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. We hope to instill that same love of nature and travel in our own children.

If you happen to notice errors or updates with regards to our travel notes, feel free to contact us at WeGoOutside1@gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting!

~ Josh and Lara